About MCCR

Under the Authority of the Diocese


The Ministry to Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a diocesan ministry that serves the Hispanic and English speaking community under the authority of the Diocese of Toledo, Daniel E. Thomas, Bishop.

Liason for the Toledo Diocese


The Liason, Mr. Steve Toth, is the Executive Director of the Ministry and was appointed by Bishop Leonard P. Blair. 

As a member of the Association of 

Diocesan Liasons (ADL), Steve recently completed his term of service on the ADL National Steering Committee.  

Spiritual Leadership Council


There is a twelve-member Spiritual Leadership Council that is responsible for ensuring that the focus and direction of the ministry meets the Mission's stated objective. 

The twelve-member Spiritual Leadership Council represents various areas of the Toledo Diocese. The Council seeks vision and direction from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The CounciI agrees upon and sets policy with

the Executive Director who discharges its directives. 

Spiritual Director


 Fr. Jim Brown is the Spiritual Director of the MCCR and a member of the Spiritual Leadership Council.



To initiate and support living the fuIIness of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with a natural joy and fire integrated in the local church in personal holiness and corporate unity. 

Office Manager


Mrs. Irene Bland serves as Office Manager for MCCR.